Main language of Korduene is English, Korduene also comes in other languages provided by its users, which are listed below.

Other Languages (Big thanks to the contributors)
• Kurdish
• Arabic (Tranlsated by Aktionline)
• Brazilian Portuguese (Tranlsated by IgonoZ)
• Catalan (Tranlsated by Jan E)
• German (Translated by Fenris)
• Nederlands (Translated by JaapHsmits)
• Spanish (Tranlsated by Jan E)
• Turkish (Tranlsated by Aktionline)
Korduene Language Editor
Korduene Language Editor
• Open Korduene Language Editor.
• Select a language in the language list.
• Write your translations in the third column.
• After you're done translating everything click Save to save your KLEF file.
• Do not forget to select a language in the languages menu, otherwise your language might show up as the first language in the list.
• Before sending your lanugage, make sure to check the Korduene Lanugage Editor's status bar, that will tell you if there is anything untranslated.