When you create a new project, in the projects folder a file with KPF extension will be created, this file is contains your project information, when you want to open a project you need to select this file or in explorer you can open this file to open your project. Also the following folders will be created:

Name Description
Designers Contains all the forms you create, these files contain only designer and UI information about the forms.
Graphs Contains all the graphs you create, these files contain only graph informations.
Output Contains your project executable and any other required files necessary to run your project, you only need to distribute these files.
Resources Contains your project resources like images and other files that you want to include in the project executable.
Globalizer Contains project globalization files.
SourceLibraries This directory is not created by default, you can put external code files (.cs files) in that directory to be compiled into your project.
Libraries Contains all referenced libraries.