Project Properties

You can view project properties by going to Project>Project Properties.

Property Description Example
Project Name Name of your project, it should start with a letter and may only contain letters and numbers. Project1
Project Title Title of your project, it can contain any character acceptable by OS file system. Project 1
Company Your company name. Korduene
Copyright Your copyright notice. Copyright © 2015 Korduene
Trademark Your Trademark. Korduene Ltd
Description Your project description. This is my project
Version Your project version.
Icon Your project executable icon. NA
Startup Form The first form that will be shown when your project is run. Form1
Splash Screen Your project splash screen, which will be shown before startup form. It's best to create a form without borders for your splash screen. Splash screen cannot be the same as startup form. Form1
Show Shows your splash screen for the specified seconds before it closes, set it to 0 if you don't want your splash screen to be automatically closed. 3
Enable Visual Styles Enables visual styles for your project. NA
Requires Administrator Privileges This will set your project to tell the operating system that it requires Administrator Privileges. NA
Single Instance This will allow only one instance of your project to run at a time. NA
Auto Versioning
Property Description Example
Versioning Type Instead of setting your project version manually each time before compiling your project, You can let Korduene set it for you. Auto Increase / DateTime Based
Auto Increase Increases your project version information Major/Minor/Build/Revision by 1 before compiling. 1.0.*.* where * will be increased by one.
DateTime Based Sets your project version information Major/Minor/Build/Revision based on your computer DateTime information before compiling. yyyy.MM.dd.HHmm, result will be 2015.03.08.1022
Major Your project version Major 1, yyyy, *
Minor Your project version Minor 1, MM, *
Build Your project version Build 1, dd, *
Revision Your project version Revision 1, HH, *
Auto Update
Property Description Example
Enable Auto Update Embeds Auto Updater into your project, your project will check for updates on startup, if update is available it downloads and installs it. This works by uploading your XML and ZIP file to where you have specified. NA
XML File Name Your XML file name. yourproject
XML Url The url where you will upload your XML file.
Update file name: Your Update file name. YourProjectUpdate
Update Url The url where you will upload your ZIP file.
Property Description Example
Invalid Metadata Embeds Invalid Metadata into your project (Not recommended, some anti-viruses trigger false positives) NA
Anti Debug Prevents your project from being debugged. NA
Anti Dump Prevents your project's memory data from being saved on disk. NA
Anti ILdasm Prevents your project from being de-compiled with ILdsm. NA
Anti Tamper Prevents your project from being tampered with. NA
Constants Protection Protects your project's constants. NA
Control Flow Protects your project's Methods. NA
Ref Proxy Protects your project's Types/Methods/Fields and hides them. NA
Rename Obfusicates names so they cannot be compiled or read. NA
Resources Encodes and compresses your project's embedded resources. NA
Button Description Example
Defualt References Removes all referenced libraries and adds default references set by Korduene. NA
Add References Adds specified references to your project. NA
Remove References Removes selected references from your project. NA